Wobbly XLR Connectors on Pass X250.8. What to do?

I just bought a demo/used Pass X250.8 Amp. I've been using the RCA jacks but when I used the XLR Interconnects, both the amp's Neutrik connectors wobble in all directions a lot with the cable in place. The chassis connection is fine, it's the 3-pin connectors within the housing that are loose with or without the cable being locked into place. Is that detrimental? I'm wondering if I should exchange it? The amp is very heavy.
I've been having a problem with hum on the demo XP-22 Preamp too, but the vendor is going to exchange it.
XLR connections should not be wobbly ask for an exchange.
Pop the top off and tighten the screws on the connectors.  Maybe put a dab of loctite on there too.  This can't be that difficult and is surely a lot less painful than boxing it up to take back to the dealer for them to do.
If they are Nuetrik connectors there is a hole in the center used for locking the connector to the shell.  Take a small flat blade screwdriver and turn it to the right about 90 degrees to lock.
Thanks everyone! I’m 0 for 2 with Pass. The Demo XP-22 hums and the Demo X250.8 has wobbly XLR inputs.
I can’t go through multiple cycles of lifting 100lbs amps and countless hours of troubleshooting for premium-priced gear. I’m returning both units. Who knows what else could go wrong...