WLM v Tannoy, monitors v floor standers

A year ago I purchased a pair of WLM La Scala Monitors. I opted for them over the Tannoy Precision 6.2 LEs because they were offered at a no-brainer price. I had demoed both at the time, and felt each had strengths and weaknesses. The Tannoys possessed a dynamism and slam that made them riveting to listen to, but sounded a little thin with voices and had a tendency to be a little shouty in my room. The WLM La Scala was much kinder to the human voice and also possessed positive musical qualities in terms of air, speed and dynamics - although they were not able to produce the bass and slam of the Tannoys.

Later I discovered significant issues in my room acoustics which contributed to a peaky / shouty presentation (especially with voice, also the upper registers of the piano and trumpet). I've addressed the worst of these room acoustic issues and made changes along the signal chain to improve the source.

Since then I have been wondering if the Tannoys hadn't received a fair go in my room, and I wonder what they'd sound like now that I have made some upgrades and treated the room. I do miss their lower end presence and slam. Am I barking up the wrong tree, though? I feel I might regret parting with the WLM La Scalas which do so much right...

FYI, I have tried the La Scalas with a Rel B1 sub, the latter definitely adding heft to the bottom end. The problem is that the quality of bass produced by the two wasn't perfectly matched.

Another question would be if the Tannoys were fully broken in yet.
roxy54, I had them for an extended period of time, so they were fairly well broken in. They were rather nasty straight out of the box though.