Wizard of Oz / Dark Side of the Moon

I noticed that Wizard of Oz is showing on television tonight, and it made me think about the rumor/urban legend that Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon was secretly composed as a soundtrack to the movie. For those who have tried it, as I once did, do you agree that there is something to this? For those who haven't (but have too much time on their hands and would like to try), you should begin Dark Side when the MGM Lion roars for the third and final time before the movie begins.

Note that the effects of certain chemicals on the brain may enhance the apparent synchronicity of Wizard and Dark Side -- or so I have read :->
A few years ago they had the DSMTM / WOO combination pre-synched for your listening pleasure on PBS.

I have a tape of it, and there are some very interesting coincidences.
I have tried this several times. I completely DO NOT believe that Dark Side of the Moon was composed as a soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz.

Popular music in general, and Dark Side of the Moon in particular, has many key changes, tonal changes, and lyrics which espouse general themes of love, fear, loss, and longing. Movies have many camera, scene, and set changes and also use universal themes of love, fear, loss, and longing.

If you put any movie and music album together you will find occasional coincidences between them. Combining a movie about a girl's dream fantasy (Dorothy), and an album about a acid-using musician who went off the deep end (Syd Barrett), you are bound to find more than the usual amount of coincidences. See this website for some of the coincidences you may see when combining them:


However, there are many more key and song changes, lyrics, and other aspects of the album that DO NOT match up with the scenes and plot of The Wizard of Oz than there are connections. But the human mind works by trying to find meaning in the world, trying to find connections between everything we experience, particularly when we experience them simultaneously. So we do find connections between the album and the movie. But it is not unique between these two creations.

Try matching up The Wall with Alice in Wonderland. If you want to try dozens more coincidental "synchronicities" between movies and albums then check out this website:

darn i missed the third lion roar, we have the great movie wizard of oz on and was checking up on some goning and caught this tread. the cyclone is right behind Dorthy, and we are going over the rainbow. alright here comes the colors. yea
Regardless of soundtrack, The Wizard of Oz is just a strange movie. It freaked me out as a kid--the flying monkey bit had me running for mom--and the movie is still bizarrely psychedelic today. After that, I created my own Technicolor, gingham, flying house, altered-state dilemmas with Dark Side of the Moon. Doesn't surprise me that the two would work together, but I won't be playing with that combo too soon. :-O
I have to ask Thomasedison...exactly how would you convey a key change via visuals? You keep going on about key changes and I just don't get it. When a song's key changes from Cmaj to F#min exactly how would you show that through a visual clue?
I tried it and enjoyed it. It's amazing how many hits come up about it when you Google it. As far as PF's involvement, I would vote coincidence but as Snofun3 says, there are some interesting ones.
I am not a musical theorist, nor do I pretend to know much about how the minds works. I don't mean to come across that way. I don't know if there is a specific visual correlation between a key change in the music and some visual change in a movie.

What I am saying is that in my opinion, when we hear any noticable change in a piece of music (e.g. music starts, music ends, chorus begins, key changes, tone changes (different lead instrument or group of instruments,)


we see visual changes in a movie (scene begins, scene ends, special effects begin or end, change of camera, closeup, cut-away, etc.)


Movies already use their own soundtracks to intensify feelings (e.g. shark music in Jaws) or startle us (shower scene in Psycho).

In my opinion, when we play random music along with a movie then our minds can't help but notice when changes in the music occur simultaneously to changes in the visuals.

In addition I believe that we also notice connections between the lyrics in the songs and the visuals on the screen.

Most of the time specific lyrics of any song played randomly with a movie won't relate to what we see on the screen. But when coincidences do occur we notice it.

Just my opinion.
The amazing thing is that I can believe that it is just coincidence, and still be amazed and think it's cool when watching The Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon.

That's why it would be fun to try playing other movies and albums together.

And also why iTunes or Windows Media Player's Visualizers are so popular.
Aww crap, the roach dropped out of my fingers right when the lion was roaring for the third time. I reached down to pick it up but it slid between the pillows and started to smoke. When I reached down there, I pulled out a ticket stub from Woodstock. By the time I got the fire out, I ran to my record player, because someone said that the MoFi UHQR syncs up better, but it was too late. I ended up watching reruns of The Golden Girls. That Bea Arthur sure is hot!
Very funny, Viridian!
I played Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" at the same time with Nine Inch Nails "The Natural," Disc 1. It amazed me how much they synched up so I had a few friends over to listen and watch. The accused me of programming the whole thing. Great 1999 soundtrack for a 1927 movie!
I watched "Citizen Kane" while playing Tony Orlando and Dawn. They completely synched, and I am now even more appreciative of the greatness that was Tony Orlando.

So, maybe you're right about Oz/Dark Side.
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you can have the fudge brownies. i'll take a bag of Doritos and a large Dominos pizza.
Yes, I tried it at Home... and also saw a Pink Floyd cover band, The Machine synch up the Film and preform Dark Side Live- just in case I was cueing it up wrong. Both times I have to say that Overall, I really didn't think there is much to this story Some parts worked well I guess. We thought "Wish you Were Here" worked much Better!
Cheers, and pass over those brownies