With the Holidays, what are your favorite films for the season?.........

My, and my families, favorite is "Holiday Inn".   It is the film that introduced so many songs and has Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby.  The "made for money" remake of "White Christmas" was simply to capitalize on the popularity of the song to make more money....not a bad film, but "Holiday Inn" has the class that the remake does not.
What are some of your families favorite holiday movies?  My children loved the two original Home Alone films.  Fun, but not the musical history and "class" that Holiday Inn is. 

You may know of a motel chain that picked up on the name, "Holiday Inn".

There is one, and only one:
"Bad Santa."
Thanks for reminding me of "good old Charlie Brown".  The soundtrack alone is worth the time.  I have the soundtrack on SACD.....I don't think that is available any longer. 

I had mentioned in another threat, the Tuck Andress "Holiday" CD is worth a listen..
Assuming Thanksgiving is included, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles hands down.  Millercarbon:  the dynamic between Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel will never be repeated, I'm afraid.  It was something to behold when they went at eachother.  The irony is that they had deep respect for eachother and were the greatest of friends.  
Yes, P.T.&A. is such fun.  That is the wonderful thing about "Holiday Inn" it is in celebration of many holidays....including Thanksgiving, the 4th and more.  Every person on this site that has not seen the original B&W film "Holiday Inn" is denying themselves the pleasure and knowledge that film offers and teaches.

If I could only have 5 DVDs to watch on that "desert island", Holiday Inn would be one of them....and no "Debbie does Peoria" would not be one of them.  (sorry, I should not do that, I have found that humor either does not work for some, or more painfully it is not recognized as such,...damn)
Well, I guess I got my answer...since there is "one, and only one" the other suggestions should be thrown out.