With preamp or direct CD to Amp

My system oddyssey extreme monoblock, andra eggleston,
preamp art audio, sometimes I use the adcom pre amp gfa
750. I send my sony for mod, according to Dan Wright
He can increase it to 6v.For those of you who use direct
to amp, have you experience dynamic loss? Thank you
to all your valuable expertise.
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Yes but it can depend on the level of the preamp also.
Hi, Jayctoy. I'm not sure I am addressing your question exactly as you intended.

Are you speaking of increasing your cdp's single-ended output signal from 2volts to 6? Or the XLR output signal from 4v to 6v?

Whenever you increase the signal voltage, I believe you also increase the gain and the distortion associated with that signal. So I believe there is a fine line there that you may or may not want to cross.

I have a Sony SCD-1, an active preamp, and amp combo. I'm using the XLR (4 volt) connections thru-out because I love what those additional 2 volts do for the visceral bass and overall added dynamic presentation.

To me, the single-end output route (2 volts) is pretty lifeless in comparison. Which is more true and accurate, I do not know. But I'm hedging my bet that music is very dynamic and that's what the XLR connections and active preamp combo give me more of.

I sold a wonderful sounding preamp simply because it only had single-ended connections which stripped away much of the dynamics. The highs were to die for, but the bass and mid-bass were simply enemic in comparison and left a presentation that appeared to be unbalanced as it was weighted toward the highs. And since several other preamps could approach that sense of wonder on the highs, yet also provide me that wonderful bass and dynamics the XLR connections provide via the added voltage and gain with 4 volts, I opted to stay with those preamps that provide XLR and single-ended connections.

But I don't know if I'd want more than that 4 volts for fear of what it may do.

Stehno I think you are addressing a very good point,
more than I have ask, Thank you.