With my new L.K.S DAC, How to Set up Hi Fi Digitial library , play and streaming

With My New L.K.S. DA004 Dax, and listening to the great advice I was given by Melm  and other in regards to bypassing playing and buying CD’s / SACD’s for the Best digital  SQ for building a new music Library to play directly from the Computer, laptop. I’ve been going over many of the threads here in regards to start building a system, But again there seems to many ways to achieve this new system.  My computer system is Mac/IOS, that’s the platform I’ll be working from, and I would like to run the system from an iPad in the wall next to audio system because my Main computer is located on the other side of the house. If needed, I could run an eithernet cable between the computer and audio system. I did read a thread where it can be done with hi def results at a low cost without losing any SQ, That would be idea. It included a basically a small screen for display, etc, but my thoughts would be still to use the IPad if possible with the new L.KS. DAC. I really appreciate the help, I know this has probably been covered many times in the past, please just direct me to any threads. I havn’t found many though with using the Mac iOS system with the new L.KS DA004, and that’s what I looking for and build from for my new Digitial library,Play and Stream. Thanks so much for all your help and input.
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Wired would be my preference.  You probably will want a renderer, the usual suspects are Bluesound, Bryston, Auralic, Aurender, Lumin, etc. Least expensive quality option would be the Bluesound Node 2i.  If you ultimately would like to improve the sound, go from there, but the Node is a very good digital transport.
I currently use the Bryston BCD 3 which has a bit of a learning curve is several times more costly than the Node but does sound pretty awesome...
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I agree that wired would the best, and for me not to difficult to do it right. The Blue sound node 2i I see has been getting some good press, I see the coming up quite a bit. I’m looking into it as for right now , Money wise for me could work. I could go also go up a bit for a higher quaility unit that would be a good fit for some time. I was also actually asking what I could do for the time being while I pay off the L.K.S, That could make things work while I save up for something higher end, Like in the range of the Lumin D2/ or the Lumin mini which also had some nice things said about it. Again, I’m playing catch-up with learning the Digital path by bypassing physical sources like CD’s/SACD and Vinyl. Again it would like to use the iPad as the controller to access my digital libarary. I now have the my Oppo 95 wired into the network router by eithernet , along with my DBX-360 for speaker management, if that’s of any help. 
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