With Internet radio, (streaming) do AM\FM tuners serve any purpose in HEA?

Probably a dead topic, but I got a used AM\FM tuner recently in like new condition for a great price. Just wondered if any of you out there think tuners like this are still useful. Or not....
It's true, the college stations use low compression on their output, same with NPR. I get some high quality classical and jazz here in Philly.
Rock stations are so highly compressed, just listen to the DJ or announcer's voice.

A FM tuner such a old Marantz,or McIntosh  Vacuum Tube tuners are still highly praised and sound verygood , and some verygood solid state ones .magnum Dynalabs makes or made digital tuners with Vacuum tubes .
the only  draw back with older tuners  is that the better digital stations have up to 
24/96 bit fidelity which is much better and much lower noise floor .
a lot has to do with your streaming setup . And quality of Ethernet 
cabling,bandwidth and modem,router. As A.E once said ,
everything that counts can’t allways be counted!!
I do enjoy my Rotel RT-1084 tuner. Especially for the HD radio. I'm in the Philadelphia suburbs and get the Penn and Temple college stations, like mentioned above. Quite a cross section of music. Sound is mostly excellent, but not always. 
I was looking for a Tuner and decided on an HD radio tuner and it sounds fantastic. 
Several good fm stations here. Classical, jazz, Colorado Public Radio and the mostly rock Colorado Sound. All public radio with translators all over the state. LA has many good stations too. We have XM too, mostly sucks except the Beatles channel.