With Cary Tube System: AQ Cheetah or Nordost Frey?

Any experience or opinions?

Come on...Help a brother out...
I use a 25' set of Nordost Frey interconnects to run from preamp to mono's.[$10,000 preamp, $14,000 mono's] Its quick, clean, accurate, and extended.

It replaced a 30' set of Purist Audio Venustas, just as good, slightly different presentation.[just a bit less musical]
I also tried a 1 meter set of Frey [RCA] to compete against my Nordost Valkyrja: No contest: Frey smokes the Valkyrja in every parameter, except perhaps in ultimate musicality.

Its a very revealing cable, better to perhaps go with the Cheetah if your system is not up to snuff, or you don't need the added resolution/extension.

Absolute killer cable for the money. Its quicker than the Nordost Tyre, which I use ahead of the 25' Frey cables, they are a nice match together to mix/match. The Tyre is more refined and sophisticated, better sheilding, more substantial build quality, is a better cable all around, except as noted above[quickness, more money too, obviously]

They Tyre is a more sophisticated and refined Quattro Fil, not as dark as the QF, more extended, and more musical. Just a nice step up over the QF....

Have not tried the Cheetah........but if you want quickness/accuracy/soundstaging and extension, I would seriously consider the Frey.

Excellent, thanx Bill.
Billm, just ran across this thread. I'd be interested in a bit more info in the comparison of these lengths of Venustas and Frey.
I have an all Cary tube system and have had great success with the Acoustic Zen cables. I'm using single wire Satori speaker cables and the Matrix Reference II interconnects.
Did anyone read the latest review of the Nordost Frey in HiFi+ this month? It's not posted online (or I can't find it at their site) and can't find the magazine locally.

Further, any Frey users notice unusually long burn-in period????

Cruz, what did you use before AZ??
I've had my dealer's demo pair of Frey in my system for some time now. Mine comes off of their cable burner Friday. When I brought home the demos for the first time, they'd spent about a week on the old Nordost cable burner, but no time in a system. For the first few days, they had some obviously annoying properites compared to the Quattro Fil and SPM Reference they replaced. After that, they improved significantly, to the point that going back to the SPM/QF at the end of the week was a definite step down. My cables were burned in on the old Nordost burner for some period of time, and are now on the new Vidar. It'll be interesting to see how the new burner affects the break in.
Thanx steve, so, how would you translate that into required system time under normal conditions until fully broken in??