With average use how long for panel replacement ML

Is there a general rule for panel replacement with average use for Martin Logan speakers? I am considering buying used because of cost but don't want to buy and have to replace right away. In which case I should just buy new.
Any guidance?
I recently replaced the panels on my Aerius i's and they became brand new all over again. I bought them in '01 and they were floor models with very few hours on them.

I confess to being a smoker which is very bad for the panels. And Atlanta can experience stifling humidity which is also a killer of panels.

You should get your answer from the horse's mouth and call Martin Logan. Ask for Jim Power. He's THE MAN (and a real nice guy) for all things Martin Logan.

In general, it's pretty much agreed upon, that every 12-15 years you should replace the panels with normal use. The cost of replacement panels just skyrocketed, so I would check with Jim Powers, (I agree, Jim is a GREAT guy) to see how much the panels would be for your model. You can tell the manufactered date of the panel by the serial number of the panel, see link below.

I also agree that new panels equal, more or less, a new speaker. New panels do need to break-in and will need to be replaced in pairs.

No matter which model you buy, you will enjoy them. They really are terrific speakers.

I just replaced my panels in the Ascent for $850.00 cost, it was easy to do and they sound like new. The panels according to Martin Logan generally have a lifespan of 10yrs. The new panels come with a 5yr quarantee
Just buy some Magnepan's
Sorry, Mac, but EVEN Magnepan panels have there own assorted problems.
Hi humidity? They apparently don't like it either.
The aluminum wire can corrode after years and the adhesive, 3m77 with overcoat only lasts so long. I am told it doesn't like UV, from direct sun, perhaps.
I had my 1st set of panels remanufactured when they were about 20+ years old when the HF part of the panel simply failed.
Everything mechanical or Electromechanical lasts only so long. Sorry, but that's the way it is.
I concure with Magfan...can you say delamination? With the Martin Logan's, you can buy a new set of panels which are pretty easy to install yourself. When a Magnepan goes down, it's pretty much a complete and messy internal surgery to repair yourself or a very expensive trip, (freight) to the factory and back.
I was not trying to intimate that Maggies last longer than MartinLogans, just that they are better.

I just had my 3.6's rebuilt at Magnepan. I don't want to say how much it cost, because I thought it was WAY too low a price. I was shocked, but happy. I don't want them to start raising the price now if they know that people think it's reasonable.

They are quite literally new speakers.