With 15W tube amp, which speakers to use?

Hi, I have a 15W 300B tube amp, however, I have problem to pick a speaker. Would you guys name few speakers with can be used with a 15W amp?

any proac, b&w, jmlab or harbeth speakers model can be use?
Try the older Klipsch Quartets, Forte, or Chorus speakers. Sound pressure is a minimun of 97.5%. I have heard newer smaller ones with a 15 watt tube IPOD and they sounded great.
Check here for info on Proac speakers. All the specs you could ask for.
What is your price range? Room size?
I'm very happily using the Devore Gibbon 8's with a 15 watt triode tube amp.
Klipsch, & Zu audio
With a 15W amp, I believe there are very few models of the speakers you mentioned that would work optimally.

In addition to the Klipsch recommendation, I would add Coincident's to the list. What kind of price are you looking at? Also, are you looking for large full-range speakers or small monitors? Either way, the Coincident lineup should work well for you.

The older Klipsch will play at high volume in a big room. I know this because I audtioned my La Scalas with the previous owners 3 watt amp. Those speakers are rated at 104 Db at 4 ft per watt. 104 decibels is unbaerable . The problem is that using a small out put amp all of the sound comes from the Squaker or midrange horn and tweeter. the 15" woofer adds almost nothing to the sound. If you were to use a higher output amp the music has much more bass and balances the shouty horns thus, it is much warmer, I say warm with caution because it is relative to the low out put amp's tizzy sound they are never fuzzy. The bass is very good however it remains tight and articulate bass with more power. For reasons I cannot understand SS macs and Klipsch are well to have excellent synergy. ? autoformers? I use an old 50 watt power amp by Mac with mine. But I use it rarely, I just happen to have it. I will be disposing the gear I don't use -in the future look for ads here on the Gon.
Sufentil's comments on Coincidents are true they play well with low watt amps but you have to like the "house" sound. It impossible to say what would be the best . The best speaker for you is the speaker you like the best. It is that simple.
Hi Mike how's it going?
quad 57's work well with 15 watts. i owned two pair of 57's and drove them with 4 quad tube amps. i believe they were around 15 watts.
Thanks for all the respone. I would like to add more information for my question.

1. I listen to female vocal and Jazz most of the time
2. Listen in a small - mid size room (150 sq feet) with low volumn, usually at night.
3. My price range is around $2000~$4000 used speakers.
4. Monitor or floorstand, does not matter
5. Resale value is also important, since I have experience to buy some good DIY audio stuff but hard to resale.

I'm currently using a pair of Energy C-3's with my 15W tube amp. They're rated at 90dB in-room efficiency and I have a small listening room. Wouldn't recommend using anything under 90dB with an 8 Ohm impedance.
Omega Super Hemp is very , very good. Zu speakers are nice as well. You can add Emerald Physics CS2 for it awesome performence - with EP CS2s you will need another amp for low frequencies. PS makes nice $1000 mini amp 150wpc I think. Be carefull with your choices. I have almost made that mistake with my 2nd rig. Being prefix on M&D speakers could have end up in a very bad missmatch. I auditioned them with my own amp and indeed it was a crappy duo. Audiofeil was right - they needed power and lots of it to sound their best. One leson lerned. Do not make that mistake. 90db and above is my advise.

Good luck

Audio Note or JM Reynaud
Triangle Titus are very transparent and natural sounding, go for a pittance these days and work very well with most any wattage. They are exceptional at low volumes but show no signs of stress when run at higher SPLs. They are small and front ported and can be located almost anywhere with very good to excellent results.
The Devore Super 8s works well with 15watts of amplification based on what i gather frm reviews and end users
I have not heard any of these so I can not speak to their attriubutes. I was considering going in your direction(15wpc SET)and was told to try Coincident, Triangle, Omega, Klipsch,Cain & Cain. As you know speaker selection is very difficult with this low of wattage. Good Luck
Cain & Cain is an interesting choice. Never heard them, but I love the way they look and the single driver design. Also I understand they are very efficient and hence a good match on paper.
Single driver speakers are always efficient due to the absence of power absorbing crossover network. The drawback with most of them is limited bandwidth. Various manufacturers have found ways to stretch the laws of physics to compensate for this to varying degrees. Size and budget will be more limiting for you than number and variety of options. I like Zu.
I use Zu Druids with a 2x15W amp (KT88s), they will fill even a large room with ease. Next to the usual suspects from Klipsch also watch out for WLM Divas with their more refined character.
DCM TFE-200. I heard these demo'd at HE2007 in NYC, run off the Jolida integrated with 15 watts/channel. Truely impressive, and this was a larger meeting room, not one of the tiny guest rooms. The sound was smooth, dynamic, extended, with a very large soundstage. They're cheap, too. www.dcmspeakers.com
Any high(sh) efficiency single driver speaker like Cardersound Madisons.

I use Madisons on a 12wpc SE amp and can drive them to very high volume levels without a hint of distress to my amp.

Omega and Reference 3A should be on your list.
Duke's Audiokinesis Jazz Modules should work well with your amp -- 92 db and 12 ohm impedance, price new is just within your range -- there is a sale through AudioCircle. I just got a pair this week, and I am a happy camper! The dynamics are amazing. Too bad I have to go out of town for a week.