Witch tubes????

I want to buy a compleet new set of tubes
for a AR VTL 130ES and a AR SP11.

Witch type or brand tube is the best sounding out there and how much do they cost???

And if I ever want to buy the AR VTL 150ES same story, how much wil that set me back???

Thx for you're feedback,

Look up the business directory for Salem, Ma. I've heard the soundstaging potion is on deep discount and while you're at it, get the broom stick special. You can then contact Eldartford for the Ultimate Tweak recipe. Most enjoyable when listening to Miles's Bitches Brew.

I'm assuming that you're referring to an ARC VT130se.

This can be tricky and expensive. I'm currently running Tung Sol 6550 power tubes, 8 of them, and they'll cost you at least 75 / tube. If you can find them. I also use 4 Siemen's 7308 tubes on the input section. These cost around 60 / tube. You'd need at least $840.

The problem that you would have is finding matched powere tubes. Also, note that this amp does not allow individual tube biasing. This can be a problem.

You can also use Svetlana KT-88's which seem to be quite available lately for a lot less - maybe 25 / tube.

Your safest bet is to send it to ARC to be retubed, but with shipping that will be expensive also - you'd need to call Accoustic Research. Unfortunatly you'd end up with Sovtec's.

I've also used GE 6550 and I like these 2nd best to the TungSol. You still may be able to get a matched quad from Jim McShane, look for the Citation website, for $200 a quad.

If you want to take this amp a step further, send it to Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound. He'll replace the caps, and allow for a detachable power cord.

Hope I didn't frustrate you more!