Witch H.T. processor is the best

Anthem AVM 50v or Cary cinema 12 for 7.1 chanel Home Theator
I think that for the price in used market Meridian 565
is hard to beat. I get one here for $220 and never regret
my buy. So i have a very good pream, a processor 5.1 and
a DAC CS 4328 same as 506/508.20 player... So i can spend
my money on a good power amp. That give a great value in
I would suggest you get an Oppo 105 bluray player for $1,199, instead.

It has a very good 7.1 surround processor built in with analog outputs for your amps, just like the Anthem and Cary procesors. It can be used as a stand-alone DAC, with state of the art Saber dac chips. If you'd like to setup a high-resolution computer audio system, you can stream 24 bit/96 and 196khz music files to the Oppo either via a USB cable or wirelessly. Either method utilizes the excellent Saber dacs to convert the digital signal to analog. If you have a home wi-fi connection, the Oppo will connect to it and play back video files wirelessly or via USB cable. The remote has a button for connection to Netflix along with a free trial membership Netflix subscription.

The 105 will play almost every silver disc there is, including SACDs. Oh yeah, the Oppo also gives you the finest Bluray video play back performance on the market. But don't take my word for it, read some of the hundreds of rave reviews from professional audio and video reviewers.

I'm fairly certain that both the Anthem and Cary HT processors are very good units.

Given the above and if you have any regard for value in your purchases, I think you just received your definitive answer.

BTW, I have no affiliation with Oppo. I'm just an overjoyed owner of a 105 for the past 3 months. I honestly don't think I could recommend it highly enough.

My 2 cents worth,
Tim's recommendation has merit unless you have analog sources. The Oppo has no analog inputs, but does take HDMI, coax, optical, and asynchronous USB. Its speaker configuration, bass management, and volume control are excellent.

I do have analog stereo sources, so I use an analog stereo preamp with bypass, so surround channels from an Oppo 105 go directly to the amps. The Oppo and a Parasound Halo JC-2 replaced a Cary Cinema 11a in my setup, although the Oppo had been used with the Cary. The sound is superb for music or HT, as is video projected onto a 100" screen.