Witch DVD I should use as a transport

I want to have a entry level DVD to use it as a transport to feed a external DAC , I was considering one of the entry level Pioneer DVD modified by Modwright. Any suggestion? I only need a transport with a really great picture quality but I dont want to pay too much this is why the modwright solution is interesting. Does someone here have a pionner DVD transport modified be Dan wright if yes tell me your apreciation?
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Hey Cornfed, he really meant Witch. After all, were talking pionner here.
Pioneer DV-09 (I know what Albert would say, but I have this in a second HT system). CF Boy- hilarious!!
I am scheduled to get my Pioneer DVD-525 modified by him the beginning of December. I am getting the full level II transport and standalone mods. I can let you know what the results are if you're interested!

Well, I'd go with the pro, Stan Warren. Why use a copy-cat when an original will work? Not to mention that you are encouraging the theft of intellectual property when you buy from an imatator! At least that it my opinion....

I hear Dan Wright is a great guy, and he may be learning fast, so it's your call. Dan may do or not do something different.

Ok you discovered my secret I am a french canadian so I may make a few error in my writing ( I would really like to see you write in french :)
dismalonyx: touché!

Yes Greg please keep me informed of what result did it made.

Here is a link to a thread on AudioAsylum with a gentleman who just got his 525 back.