Wison watt puppy

I am trying to find casters for the or wheels any help would be awesome 
Wilson has used casters on their speakers for a number of years solely for the purpose of removing them from the packaging and setting them up for spiking. If you want casters that will screw into the designated locations under Wilson speakers (the same spot where spikes are installed), call Wilson.
Wilson castors will probably cost you an arm and a leg and maybe a kidney.

Just remove one of the spikes, go to Wall Mart and match up the thread with one of their screw in castors, get ones with click on brake like this as well, that way they won’t go for a wander when someone leans on them.

Cheers George
It would seem to be a shame to permanently set speakers of that quality on casters of any price. What is the reason? Do they need to be moved frequently?