Wishbone Ash fans...

My system is "singing", I have one of the currently 'best' lp cleaners available, ... so I'm searching through long ago played lps... yes... Wishbone Ash, "No Smoke Without Fire".

Wow! I'm now, blown away. This lp is wholeheartedly analog while still having modern traits. The transient response on the lower bass region is exceptional IMO.

This is my favorite WA lp. Some may disagree. What's your experience?
It is a wonderful album and my favorite WA album as well. Have not spun in awhile, will have to break it out.
I think I saw Wishbone Ash at least 15 times in high school and collage. I was a bit of a groupie I guess. My favorite album is Argus, but I loved all their albums.

I may need to break those albums out and clean them so I can have a listen.

I see from their website they have four US dates, all the rest are in Europe. Who knew they were still touring.
Argus is a true work of art....A real classic...pt
Wishbone Ash was always known for great sound.
Their music may be hard for the youngsters to appreciate.
It's become part of me having been there from the get-go.
BTW, Argus beat Jethro Tull's "Thick as a Brick" for UK album-of-the-year honors.
Love Wishbone Ash, grew up on Argus. I now listen to all of their music and the recordings are excellent on LP.
For sure Wishbone Ash is a great band. One of my favorite instrumental albums of all time has to be "Nouveau Calls"..... Pure craftsmanship on every level.
Ahhh, the sound of Wishbone Ash. The sound of their twin lead guitars is so good. I remember first hearing "New England" and the dreamy, "night FM" sound it has. I have a 23-year old son who appreciates them too. We went to see them a few years ago and they played through the entire "Argus" album. I had no idea it was so good. The good old days, back when rock was still underground and not the commercial wreck it has made of itself.

Good to hear from other Wishbone Ash fans. Rock on!
I'm a fan as well. Was going to look to see which lp's I have, but can't find one of them. My lp's are totally disorganized. Have to do something about that. Gives me a good reason to clear out the shelves, clear out the room, then paint it. Then refile them all with some organization.
I found a sealed promotional copy of "No Smoke Without Fire" on eBay. I assume that as a promo, it should be a first pressing, so should sound great.
Big fan myself.. saw them in Tampa Fl, at Curtis Hixon hall back in 73 or 74, not long after their double LP Wishbone Live was released with the original members. Martin Turner sang and played his ass off on that old Thunderbird bass. Electric Light Orchestra opened the show for them.
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