Wish List of LPs to be re-released

This is my wish list of LPs I would love to see being remastered and re-issued . The originals I have are either too worn out or the 2nd hand copies way to expensive.
For starters:
1. Beethoven Piano Sonatas- 8,14 and 23. Either Brendel or Glen Gould.
2. Pink Floyd - Final Cut
3.Roger Waters- Amused to Death; Pros and Cons of Hitchiking; Radio KAOS
4.Any Dylan LP with "Brownsville Girl"
5. Dylan - Biograph 5 LP box set.
Please chime in with your suggestions. Hopefully some record company honchos will tune in
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Joni Mitchell - Song to a Seagull
Dave Liebman - Lookout Farm (ECM)
Tom Rush - Circle Game
1. Any vinyl by Alice Babs. Never can get descent original used one. Got few in fair condition.
2. Any CMP records vinyls. Unfotunately this company went out of business, but the music they recorded is unique any album you take.
3. Any Carla Bley records long time ago way out of print in any format.
4. Haven't seen any Van Der Graaf Generator albums re-released as well...
Dire Straits "On Every Street"
Most of Van Morrison (except for Astral weeks which was done recently enough) prior to 1975.
Thanks Jadem6 for the recommendation. I'm a HUGE Dire Straits fan and had not purchased this music before. I downloaded the MP3 from Amazon today. Everyone seems to really like the album based on the reviews. It's almost like the swan song end to Tears for Fears when they ended their run. If it's that good, then it should be re-issued on vinyl - ten times better than digital when manufactured properly to exacting quality control standards. In my opinion, we need to re-start stateside vinyl production as well as tube production (RCA, Tung Sol, Western Electric) for audio equipment.
Greg Brown - The Poet Game.....
kd Lang - Ingenue
Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan - the rest of the Real World albums never released on LP
Richard Thompson - the early 90's albums, especially Mirror Blue and You Me Us
Clutch - Elephant Riders (metal, but all analog mixed to a 1/2" deParavicini modified Studer...very big sounding disc - a double 45 would be a thing to behold)
Malcolm Arnold - Arnold Overtures A reissue of the Reference Recording LP would be nice

The list could go on and on.

One thing we don't need is another reissue of Kind of Blue, or other tried and true jazz classics.
To keep this thread alive :
Jethro Tull- A Passion Play; Thick As A Brick
Janis Ian - Stars
Kris Kristofferson - Jesus was a Capricon; Borderlord
Johan Pachebel
and ......
Jethro Tull -- Stand-Up
Jethro Tull -- Benefit
Mark Almond Band -- Mark Almond (1st) on vinyl or LINE CD
Mark Almond Band -- '73 LINE CD

Last two are unobtainium. MP3 versions absolutely suck, as do cuts on "best of" compilations.

Dire Straits -- Love over Gold (vinyl), with the 45 RPM version of Telegraph Road and Private Investigations

Little Feat -- Let It Roll
Bodacious w Marty Balin (Starship/Airplane)

Camel -- MoonMadness
Camel -- Snowgoose
Caravan -- New Symphonia

BeBop Deluxe -- Life in the Air Age

Fleetwood Mac -- Penguin
Fleetwood Mac -- Mystery to Me

Tommy Bolin -- Private Eyes
Tommy Bolin -- Teaser
Some record honcho is reading this thread....Tull - Thick As A Brick just got released and Roger Waters- Amused To Death, is slated for a Oct,13 release...
;) Pradeep
Anything by Gheorghe Zamfir, Slim Whitman, Boxcar Willie and Esteban.
Boxcar Willie? I'm sure a cable channel will release it on a infomercial. Find the channel airing reruns of Hee Haw.
I just got the Tull reissue of Thick As A Brick. Pretty expensive despite the discount. I dont know if its just my luck but the sonics in all the reissues have been pretty disappointing including Tull. The only reissue I have positively warmed to was DSOTM.Stones, Beatles,Led Zep....major let downs. At best cd quality.
The entire Zeppelin catalog is desperately in need of a serious audiophile treatment. The demand for their vinyl is crazy high, and there is no supply. I really want Led Zeppelin I and II most of all.
An all time favorite and not too difficult to find used,
Keith Jarret- Koln Concert
Given the overall quality of the Rolling Stones remasters, I'd like to see them re-done by someone like Mobile Fidelity. Included among these would be a copy of 'Between the Buttons' Decca UK, re-remastered from the original mono master tapes and pressed by Acoustic Sounds on 200 gram vinyl at 45 rpm.
just to let you know amused to death is either reissued or coming out shortly. go to elusive disc or music direct web sites for info. he should have toured the album
Uh, Mobile Fidelity had a shot at The Rolling Stones with Sticky Fingers many years ago. How did it turn out? Not too good.
Geoffkait, I have not heard the 'Sticky Fingers' Mo Fi release. It could be that someone else could do a better job, possibly a Japanese remaster?
The Mo Fi reference was a generality. What I can say about the current Rolling Stones catalogue however is that to my ears it sounds too harsh. Anyway, my wish would be for a better remaster of the Rolling Stones catalogue.
Don McLean - Homeless Brother
One important thing: If these re-released vinyls will cost arm and leg and won't sound as good as originals, I don't wish them to be re-released and stick to original ones.
Reissues that sound as good as the originals are an exception barring the Doors and very few others. Most of them, most noticeably the Beatles reissue box are marketing gimmicks with undesirable sonics.YMMV.