Wish list of higher quality recordings

This topic really spawns from a horrible movie I watched last night. "Last Days"...a loosely based final days of Kurt Cobain. I don't recommend the movie at all, the highlight is watching him eat Coco puffs (no joke). At any rate it did make me wanna listen to some Nirvana CD's I have lying around. And when I started to listen I kinda got pissed off.

There are a few artists I REALLY wish made an effort in recording. The Nirvana unplugged album was a great effort, but everything else is compressed. Most rock recordings are but they don't all have to be, just listen to Alice In Chains. So feel free to list the albums, recordings that you oh so love but really wish they had remixed, remastered or both.

U2...a live album that isn't totally compressed.

Nirvana...all studio albums...the Mobile Fidelity offers more air but suffers like all the rest, with an overall lack of dynamics.
Something is terribly wrong with your system if Nirvana Nevermind sounds compressed and lacking in dynamics. Even on my modest system it fairly leaps out of the speakers at me.

My current "hate list" is the Elton John CD remasters from the late 1990s. They completely utterly murdered the sound by trying to squeeze every drop of treble out of it. It reminds me of the very early days of CD players.

All I want is a quality copy of "Tumbleweed Connection"
hmmm I don't experience that type of sound when I listen to Nevermind on my setup. It sounds thin, the symbols don't have near enough impact and the kick drum doesn't really get going at all. In comparison to albums from Korn and Alice in Chains.
Seandtaylor99, Too bad you're not running a TT and could hunt down a used record. Tumbleweed Connection can be had with excellent sound on either the first issue UNI/MCA 2014 or the Japanese DJM King (K22P-205?) record. The sound beautifully jumps off the vinyl on this recording. Cheers!
There is an interesting documentary called Kurt and Courtney I think. The premise is to prove that Courtney killed Kurt, they interviewed a bunch of people and attempted to confront Courtney.

Is there any good uncompressed ELO material?
RF I am running a turntable and I do have an original pressing of Tumbleweed connection, but it has seen better days (bought used). It has a lovely rich sound, though, and to my mind is his best album.

Lush ... mine is an inexpensive system, but I do run a powered subwoofer (REL) crossed at 50Hz with my Green Mountain monitors, and the subwoofer delivers a good kick in the pants on Nevermind.

The most compressed album I recently bought was Green Day American Idiot .. a shame because there's some fun tracks on there, and it has a good kicking bass drum.

Most compressed album of the century must be Oasis' first album Definitely Maybe. So compressed I can't listen to it. I wouldn't waste any time polishing the recording though, as the music isn't worth it.
Buffalo Springfield
The Spencer Davis Group
Big Brother & the Holding Company

You name it! Any great rock band from the sixies on up that left us with compressed sounding drums and poorly mic'ed focals... it's sad. I love so much of that music that I grew up with and most of it is not all that Hifi. Hmmmmmmmm
Nevermind sounds great. The drumming on some of those tracks reminds of the old TEAC advertisement when the guy is sitting in a chair in front of some speakers and he's getting "blown away" by the sound.
A little off topic but.........I wish there was a high quality DVD concert of Dire Straits in DTS. Their live stuff sounds really good.