Wise audio aphorisms

What can you guys come up with to summerize key aspects of this disease/hobby/love/art?

Let me begin with these:

1. If you hear no difference then there is no difference
2. Cost is the cloud that obscures the ears
3. Without love of music love of equipment is materialism
4. Pay attention!
Following the great axiom 'reality is perception', what can be said about audio obsession that can elevate the understanding of the outsider? What can explain what we do? The beauty, love, and awe?
You pays yer money and you takes yer chances.

Mod does not necessarily mean improve.

The first one now shall later be last.

Many preamps are called but few are chosen.

A review is just an opinion.

The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.

Less is more.

The used market is the ultimate critic.

Based on illusion and steeped in confusion.

It's all about sound...I need more pictures.
You can tune a piano,but you cant tune a fish....did I write that right??Move your amp closer to the phone if your going to tell me whats wrong with it,I sure can't fix it from there.......
He/she who dies with the most toys is still dead but his/her heirs may be rockin'.
No matter what your gear is: All is well when you forget about it and there is nothing but the music.
a fool and his money soon are parted.
there is no fool like an audiophool.
there are no absolutes. its all a matter of opinion.
sound quality is mind over matter. if you don't mind it doesn't matter.
pigs get slaughtered.
tubes rule. don't be a solid state fool.
solid state is a miserable state.
you can dress up digital but i's still a pig.
garbage in , garbage out, except when it passes through a euphonic tube amp.

ther's more, but this will do.
Vibratory waveforms only bind to what receive it. Sound not heard is no sound. Sound half heard is mediocrity.
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For those that can hear the difference: No explanation is necessary. For those that can't: No explanation is possible.
i've heard these comments and thought they were profound and funny....1. if the industry runs low on n.o.s. tubes, they'll just make some more 2.music isn't made to be listened to, its made to be sold.....3.audio customers hear what they see.
I like it...I don't care if you do. (Oh my, that looks a lot nastier in print than when I say it.)
The quality is remembered...long after the price is forgotten.

If you can hear the difference, pay the difference.
*"In audio, as everywhere else, perception is reality."

*"If it sounds good and measures well, it is good;
if it sounds good and measures bad, you're measuring the wrong thing"
Music is best preserved in bottles -- fire bottles.

You can't grind steak into hamburger and then reassemble the steak.

Bit by bit by bit the the magic is dissolved.
"It sounds like two monkeys banging on a trash can" sorry, I been dying to type this , but didn't want to insult anyones equipment...
you are listening to your power supply.

no truer words in audio: from AC conditioning, to power supply size, to parts & transformer design, its all power supply, all the time.
There is my truth. There is your truth. And there is the TRUTH.
(Anonymous...as far as I'm concerned)
"This land is your land and this land is my land, sure, but the world is run by those that never listen to music anyway". - Bob Dylan
Great quote Shadorne, however just to juxtapose: This gear is my gear and my home is my castle.
It's bad when firefighters come too late (to your class A)
but it's much worse when they come too early - Confucius
"If you want to make a small fortune in high end audio, start out with a big one"
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