Wisdom power distribution ES10

I bought this wisdom power distribution ES10 without too much expectations, because it will be used as alternate with my PS300 ps audio.on picture it looks well made and nice.This ES 10 surprise me how good it is, very quiet and very transparent, I notice also the bass harmonize well with the music, first time I have experienced this, I went back to read what is written on Wisdom cable site everything what is written on the ES 10 were accurate.Anyone has the same experience on ES10? This is my first wisdom product I bought.iam so

impress it  will stay on my system.


I also know now that they do make power cables. I might try wisdom power cables as well...

Thanks jacytoy I am in need of a power distribution device this looks good and the price is right just bought one.

Reasons why I wrote this thread because the ES10 is truly amazing.I just like to share my experience. 

Jacytoy sorry I missed your earlier response the unit arrived today and I will say it's built like a tank! Doing a bit of tube rolling so no fix on the SQ yet but loving the looks.


Jond today I switch’source from Marantz Ruby sacd player with HF ct2 interconnect this combo sound very musical and very palpable and transient to die for.So today Iam using Schiit Gungnir Dac And AH tube CD player as transport. All connected to wisdom power distribution, to my surprise the improvement is beyond my imagination. I was stunned how much good music Iam getting, black background is amazing.This wisdom power distribution continue to impress me, you have to push the pc connector really hard to the wisdom unit ,they are very tight.

Jond post your findings here.By the way , Iam using Van del hul pc , the color is gold, I don’t know the model, Jim recommends the black series power cable, In the future I will.

Jacytoy I hear you on pushing the connectors really hard super tight fit which is great. It's a bit hard to comment on the sound as my Dac is in the shop I am using a loaner Dac a little Jolida Glass FX Dac. On top of that change a friend sent me some nice Brimar and Amperex 12ax7's to tube roll. So between the new Dac and tube rolling and the power strip hard to say what's what. The sound is very good though and either the tube roll or ES-10 or both warmed up and enriched the sound nicely.