Wisdom Audio - DCAB-1

Has any had any experience with Wisdom Audio's DCAB-1 product with the M-50 or M-75 speakers? Is the new DCAB-1 worth the bucks relative to the old Active Brain.

Thanks for your feedback.
YES! It definitly is worth the investment. Not only does the sound become more dynamic and open with improved focus, it so easy to change any settings as needed. I would highly recommend upgrading.

No experience but...

Looks like a great upgrade for Wisdom and adds that portability that was troublesome. The RTA feature isn't unique but it's a piece of the puzzle. It has an impressive amount of filters, including the notch for the ribbons. The only feature that seems to be lacking is phase control which is, sometimes, surprisingly useful with subs.

It's still analog, which has benefits and drawbacks, and it's inexpensive for it's pedigree and capabilities. For several times the price, there is the DEQX which is completely digital but I doubt that has the the level of specific control that the DCAB-1 has for the Wisdoms.

Excuse the pun but it's a no-brainer. Upgrade.