WISA Audio Pump for ET2 tonearm

My 4 rubber pieces under the unit are now dry.  Need to replace.  Anyone has suggestions for what to replace with.  I doubt there are spare parts.   Thanks.
Wow, this is pretty incredible. I had one of those break mid LP just three weeks ago! The racket of the pump housing vibrating against the mounting plate was something! After I determined the source of the racket, another one broke. I turned it upside down and placed it on a stack of soft fabric for the time being. If I find replacements, I will let you know. You may want to ask this question in the ET2 tonearm thread. Someone there might know where to get replacements.
I found replacements at my work years ago. I believe they were bumper/stops for metal door/frames?

I always look at things when I'm out at hardware stores, and try to reimagine other uses for them. You could just put a mouse pad underneath it or the stick on clear vinyl dots?
If the OP's pump is like mine, the rubber pieces are o-rings.  It's just a matter of finding the right size.  I have a pretty good local o-rings source, so I will see what I can find.  This is what the bottom of mine looks like.

Mine was different. It had 4 holes to accept some sort of rubber feet. Thanks for pointing this out.

Upon thinking about it, the 4 holes in the metal frame that are present in your picture....This is where I placed the rubber isolators I found as this part of the structure is lower and is what comes into contact with whatever the unit is placed on. My unit had the O-rings but they were clear and had not broken down. The O-rings allow for the unit to be isolated from the frame structure.
My WISA pump looks very similar to the one in the web link above.   I am looking for the four green O-rings.I just came back from ACE hardware.  In the plumbing section they have 3/4 x 9/16 x 3/32 #11 O-ring. from DANCO Inc.I tried on my pump.   A bit too noise and an option is everything else fails.  Thank you.
I don't know if the green ones in the pic above are original or not because mine were also clear (slightly yellowed from age). 

I went to my Sears Hardware and tried 3/4 x 9/16 x 3/32 o-rings, but the weight of the pump caused it to contact the mounting base:


I then tried  7/16 x 11/16 x 1/8 and it looks perfect.  Notice the gap between the base and the pump:



Noise/vibration seems the same or less  than with the original o-rings.  I'm not surprised since the originals were pretty hard and did not return to a round shape when removed. 

dcaudio, I'd buy a set and ship them to you, but they have less than four left!  Let me know if you don't have any luck and I can check back later to see if they re-stock.  They are pretty bad about restocking, though.  You can also try McMaster Carr.  They have a huge selection of different materials in this size.

We have for sure same pump.   I saw your picture.

WISA Audio Pump - Herb Wolfe etc.

I have a picture of the original O-ring.  Happy to send the picture if anyone wants.  It is light yellow. See through. Plastic, not rubber..