Wiring Vandersteen's with Vandersteen Subs

I have a question about wiring Vandersteen main speakers with Vandersteen subwoofers. I'm currently running a pair of 3's with a Classe 6 mkII pre and a pair of Classe Dr-8's run in mono. I'm definitely a fan of the balanced conection between pre-amp and amp in this configuration (as well as the Dr-8's as monoblocks). Where exactly does the Vandy crossover module sit? Between preamp and amp? Post-amp? or both? Could I connect all this up and used the balanced output and inputs of my preamp and amp. I've looked at the Vandersteen website and its not totally clear to me so I was hoping to have some help from someone who has actually configured a system something like mine.
The Vandersteen filters go between the preamp and power amp. The module(whichever you have or will purchase) can be bought in balance or single ended configeration. It's best to put them at the end of the cables coming from the preamp. Plug those cables into the filters and the filters into the amps.
I think you should check with Vandersteen to learn if the "standard" crossover unit is available in a balanced configuration. As I recall, the "standard" crossover comes only with RCA jacks.

However, the Vandy Model 5 crossover (comes in 2 stainless steel enclosures -- one per channel) can be ordered with either balanced or unbalanced inputs. The Model 5 crossover is pricey when purchased new: the balanced configuration is $800, and the RCA configuration is $600. I can verify, however, that the Model 5 crossovers are virtually seamless, and allow for near-perfect (nothing's perfect, after all) integration with the main speakers.
The standard filter is available balanced. It uses 2 sets of caps instead of the one. They are matched to the input impedance of your amp just as the others are. Unfortunately, Vandersteen has chosen not to post any info. about any of the filters on his website. He expects you to order the correct ones through your dealer based on the setting of the temporary box. Make sure which filter you want. It usually takes a while to get them and you don't want to mess up.
As Sdcampbell states above, the model 5 filters are the way to go for absolute transparency and seemless integration. I added these a while back and to me, it was definitely worth the money. Also, they are fully adjustable as for input impedance which allows for some fine tuning of bass response. They are better than the ones I made with Auricaps which were a sizable improvement over Vandersteen's X-2 filters. I never found the X-2 transparent. Vandersteen uses REL caps in those filters. How do I know---I took it apart!
Thanks for the info. I wish that the websire was a little more informative. Like many people om this site I live in a place that has extremely limited acess to high end delears (as in none) so I have to glean what I can from other sources.