wiring speakers to Amp and AVR?

Hi, I am using my HT audio-visual receiver as a pre-amp for my stereo amp. My front speakers are wired directly to my main power amp for stereo use. However, when I want surround sound in HT, I have to swith the wires from the power amp back to the AVR. Is there a way to wire my front speakers to the AVR as well as the amp without burning something out? thanks,
Why can't you use your amp in surround mode? If you're using the AVR as pre, it should work as is, other than maybe adjusting front channel levels.

He would need "Fronts-out" from the receiver. "Pre-outs" wouldn't even do this.--Being as it is a self contained rec.-I doubt he has these. However, who knows ;he might have 'em.
Actually, you're partly right. I can get the front signal from my AVR to the amp and then the frnt speakers do work. However, they are out of sync with the "surround mode" as the power amp "over-drives" the front speakers. To get the accurate digital info (I think) I need to be wired to "front speakers" on the AVR. It is the AVR that "mixes" the signal.
Pre outs are fairly common in receivers, actually.
You mean the levels don't match? Can you adjust the levels of the from channels through the AVR's channel level controls?

Hey, well i did adjust levels and it did improve the response. I was under the impression that the pre-outs wouldn't send the proper mix of signal to the fronts, but I was wrong. the level adjustment was all it needed. boy do I feel stupid.