Wiring schematic for a Forte 4a

Does anyone have one also any modification thoughts thx
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I owned a 4a Forte' since new. For 17 years. then sold it.
It is great as is.
A Pangea 9AC power cord was nice on it.

The Forte' 4a is becoming a classic. So modifying it will lower it's value.
Just sayin'.
Just rebuild it with current and better parts. Rewire it while your at it.
I agree with both posters, it is a classic, so I wouldn't perform any circuit modifications. If you want to upgrade perfomance you can certainly rebuild it with better caps, wires, reisitors, binding posts, RCA jacks, etc.
Jon Soderberg at VintageAmpRepair DOT net is the guru. Check with him. He rebuilt my Forte 5 and 40 pre. He uses great parts--Nichicon, Black Gate, etc.