wiring rec. for triplaner upgrade

A buddy of mine is sending his Triplaner arm in for an upgrade to a Mk VI. He is requesting info on cabling options. Any stong opinions out there?
van den Hul MCS-150 M

Just had SME put it in my SME V. It's one grade better than their stock vdH internal wire. Great stuff!
I've only been a Triplanar dealer for 18 months, and so my experience is limited to their standard wire in the context of the current offering - The Ultimate, Mk VII.

I'd be cautious in deviating from their standard wire, which if memory serves, is Discovery Cable.

It's difficult to judge anything outside the context of the component/system, and of course, there's always the possibility of better.

I'd tell your buddy to follow the advice if Tri Mai at Triplanar and not stress out any more after that.

Thom @ Galibier
Like Thom, I haven't heard other wire, but I have no desire to change the Discovery in my TriPlanar VII.

I've A/B'd my arm against some other highly regarded ones, both in my system and in others. It's never failed to surprise those who were expecting less from it.

P.S. If possible, upgrade all the way to the VII. Some of those who expected less own earlier versions themselves. They were among the most surprised.
Doug - apparently VI is the furthest earlier versions can be taken and my friend can't afford a VII. Thom - your advice to ask the maker was exactly what I suggested to him. He's a little insecure and generally needs some "big name" reviewer to gush over something before he'll buy it.
Well now, "Thom" is a pretty big name isn't it? Why it's 33% bigger than all the regular Toms!

Too bad about your friend's insecurity. That approach usually gets about half the performance for twice the money.