Wiring my new used Linn system -- advice needed

I just purchased a used Linn system that includes a Majik integrated amp and an LK85 power amp. I'd like to biamp using these 2 boxes. The gear comes with Audioquest jumpers (for the Majik) and standard Linn analogue cables (for the LK 85). My system will also include Linn Tukan speakers (with one pair of K400 biwire speaker cables), a Linn CD player and a Linn tuner, and basic, standard Linn connects.

Being a relative rookie, I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who can advise me about what cables/connects I need or should use to set this whole system up. Specifically, what will I need to accomplish bi-amping (more speaker cable?), and what (reasonably priced) interconnects and other cables, if any, would you recommend instead of what I have.

Many thanks.
hi kdl i have a very similar rig to you though i have a pre and power tek series(linn)
not sure if you can bi amp with the majik and lk85
as i dont own a majik---but you have the lk400 and you can bi amp with that cable---just put the tweeter wires in one amp(majik) and the woofer wires in another amp(lk85) instead of all wires in one amp(biwire)---see if that works------if not just biwire till you get another lk85-----
i think when you hook up the lk85 to the majik you turn the majik into a preamp(not sure)
i was recomended Nordost blue heaven cables for a linn rig from overture audio in Ann Arbour--so i got a pair and man they rock in a linn system--apparently they said they were better than the linn cable and behold they were..oveture audio is a linn specialist..i will complete the rest of my rig with Nordost this summer....but linn cable is Fine right now..
also powercords! i was told by kimber kable that the PK14 was a good powercord for linn as the guy i talked to owns a linn rig
hope this is some help
ive just been informed by linn you can biamp with the majic!
i had a question for them! cold i replace my pretek preamp for a majic and use my powertek for bi amp purposes!
the answer was yes
To bi-amp Tukans remove the shorting link from the Treble/Bass terminals of the speakers. Remove the jumper from the pre out/power in jacks of the Majik. Hook interconnect cables from the pre out/power in jacks of the Majik to the LK85 input/outputs respectively. Then hook the speakers up to the amps with separate speaker wires. Should you have any other questions contact your nearest Linn dealer for assistance.