wiring in series with a vertical bi-amp setup

Does anyone have any experience running speakers in series while doing a vertical bi-amp setup? I'm going to give it a whirl this week and see how she blows.

Might I add, I'm very impressed with vertical bi-amp sound quality when running two speakers (one per amp), but am wondering if anyone's done vertical bi-amping in series and what they have to say about it.

on a tangent, but I'm not familiar with series wiring in the context of biamping. Can you explain how you would do this?
I'll bet you have two subwoofers in your car as well...right?
HI guys. This is for a home system, not for a car.

BDgregory-- you wire the high and low frequencies of the speakers separately, in series. Do you know how to wire in series? If not, let me tell you how to do it when bi-amping: Use one amp for the left signal/speaker, and one amp for the right signal/speaker. Now, one speaker at a time: send channel A red on the amp to, for example, the red speaker post of the LOW FREQUENCY on one speaker; send channel A black to the LOW FREQUNCY black speaker post on the other speaker. Now, connect the black speaker LF post from the first speaker to the red speaker LF post on the second speaker. Now you have an "in series vertical bi-amp" of the low frequencies on two speakers. Do the same for the high frequency speaker posts and you will bi-amped two speakers in series. Continue the same process for another two speakers with the other amp (right signal) and you will have a stereo system playing four speakers bi-amped in series. I did it today with Snell Eii and Snell Jii with two Yamaha P1600 amps (230W/channel @ 4ohms). I've decided I prefer the Jii alone, vertically bi-amped. So, I'm selling my Snell Eii. If anyone has some advice on the subject, please feel free to drop some pointers my way, if you think I can get the Eii and Jii to run in series and be bi-amped AND sound "correct."

The vertical bi-amping has made a tremendous difference in sound quality. I also built my own speaker stands out of 80 lb chunks of 30 year old oak trees from my Mom's backyard. They work awesome!
hi Brad, yes, I know how to series wire speakers. The thing that confused me about your post is it wasn't apparent that you have 2 sets of speakers that you're stacking and wiring in series, not one set of speakers with 2 drivers. In this latter case it would be impossible, or possibly catastrophic (for your amp and/or speakers) if you wire them in series with dual amps.

I have a vertical biamp config in one of my systems and it works great, though it isn't as great in all cases. It's highly speaker/amp dependent

also Brad . . .
Brad, your post was somewhat confusing, and I have reread it a number of times. Can you elaborate on why 2 pairs of speakers is beneficial to you, in a stereo (2-channel) setup.
Well, I was, at first, going for something of a fuller sound, perhaps a surround sound, of sorts-- 2 in front, 2 behind the seating position. I had a pair of Snell EII and Snell JII, so I was merely trying to get them all going together to see how they sounded. I was advised that these Snell were designed to be run in series, so I had nothing to lose! After several attempts at in series hookups, I scratched the idea, as bi-amping the JII alone sounded best. So, I sold the EII. The day after I sold the EII I came across a like-new pair of Snell CII, which I scooped up immediately, and now I'm completely happy bi-amping the CII alone, for they give me the full Snell sound I'd been seeking for my home/room. Problem is now I have an awesome pair of Snell JII and no need for them. What to do? Cheers.