wiring a 2 channel home theater

Well I did it, I bought a 50 inche tosihba High Def tv, tomorrow I am getting my progressive scan dvd player( another toshiba ), My audio equipment is a YBA complete amp, Sony 300 disc player with MSB dac link 3,Martin Logan Aerius speakers,Nordost blue heaven wires and interconnects. Well I am sticking to a 2 channel system, I would like to know of the best way to wire up for audio sound from the dvd player.Should I just plug from the dvd directly into the amp,or is there a way to use my MSB link 3 and still use it for my cd player, the dvd player is a toshiba model 5700. thanks Nick
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If you are sticking to two-channel for your home theater than the easiest way is to connect both your cd and dvd player to your MSB. The MSB has two digital inputs, so this is easy. One of your cables, however, needs to be toslink. All of this assumes you do not like the DAC in your DVD player better than the MSB.
I have a similar situation as yours. I have a 2ch combined with video system. For this you just need two outs from your DVD: the digital and the AV3.
I use my DAC with LD transport(meaning digital audio out into the DAC) and AV3 out onto the TV.
TV speakers serve as a center channel and can be adjusted independedly. Surround effects you will hear through your main speakers.

Hope this helps