Wireworld versus Tara Labs

Has anyone directly compared Wireworld Gold Eclipse 7 speaker cable to Tara Labs The One?
The Wireworld sounds completely at ease in my system....not so with any other cable. All cables have a color to them, and you really should try before you buy, but the ease of Wireworld was sorely missed when I tried other cables.
The higher you go up in the Tara line, the cables are less forgiving. If you find them to be a bit too much, try some of the cheaper cables.

Thanks for the response. I talked to someone that has both cables and he reiterated what you said, "WW has an ease to their sound." He has the same speakers that I do, with different electronics. I'm going to trust him and save some money. I'm just looking for a little more of everything, but can't spend the money for WW Platinum.
This hobby is funny, I'm trying to get more out of my system by making changes to cables and last night I discovered that sometimes you can improve the sound with your existing components. I have dual SVS SB-13 Ultras and I talked to their customer service yesterday. I currently have the low pass filer set on 50 hertz. I explained what I was hearing and they told me to change the low pass filter setting to 63 hertz. That little suggestion has made the sound more detailed and I can hear deeper into the soundstage. My question is why?