Wireworld Silver Starlight

Hey Audiogoners,

Looking to upgrade my HDMI cable. I want to stay under $350 (USED, NEW, DEMO) for a 1m. Well, my budget led me to the Wireworld Silver Starlight. How do these fare to the Audioquest comparable in price (i.e. Vodka)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. You guys always steer me in the right direction.
Before you spring for big bucks famous brand cables, try this: Apollo AV Lightning v2. It's a flat design like Wireworld stuff and has 5% silver content. I have two of them. One from Blu-ray to monitor and the other from Fios box to monitor. My guess is that it can compete with AQ stuff which is much more costly. Available at Amazon with free shipping for $49.95 (1m.). You can always return it if it doesn't live up to your expectation. Note: I'm not a shill for Apollo, just a very happy customer.

I use the WW Silver Starlight 5.2 HDMI and it is nothing less than outstanding in my Sony XBR CRT / Pioneer Elite 59AVi set-up. This particular cable is only bettered by the WW Platinum at a substantial cost. Either way, you cannot lose.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
There is no difference between HDMI cables. A Best Buy cape is just as good as a Silverlight. CNet has a pretty detailed expose of this.
You guys should try the Redmere (Hi Rez) HDMI cables. To me, they were way better (picture quality) than the WireWorld Silver Starlight's and waayyy cheaper.
06-10-15: Ozzy
You guys should try the Redmere (Hi Rez) HDMI cables. To me, they were way better (picture quality) than the WireWorld Silver Starlight's and waayyy cheaper.

How about the sound Ozzy?I'm using the regular slim redmere's for video and love them but liked the sound of the Pangea 24 for audio. I ordered a pair to check out but would love your comments on the audio side of things.
Well, I'm using the analog out from my Oppo so can't really comment on the audio. Sorry.

This is the one I'm using.
"Ultra Slim 18Gbps Active High Speed HDMI® Cable with RedMere® Technology".

I don't know if its the 18Gbps but boy does the video look great!

Thanks Ozzy!Those are the one's I ordered, I'll run them up against the original slims I have and will post back what I find.
So you recommend these over the 'boutiquey' ones?
HDMI is all the same. Unless someone can show definitive refutation of CNet's article, I wouldn't spend any more than I have to on HDMI cables.
Fuzzfriendly, Simao,
Yes, I am saying the very inexpensive Redmere 18Gbps provided better video sharpness, color, naturalness, etc. than the very expensive WireWorld Silver Starlight 7.
Now I am using it on my Samsung 85" Ultra Led. But, even on my 45" the picture quality improved.

Simao, you are wrong, plain and simple. The Redmere have a little amp built into the design. Try one, they won't cost you more than about 20 bucks.
There is a HUGE difference in HDMI cables. I auditioned a few, but the Wireworld is significantly better....better sound, better picture by far. I forgot what level my HDMI Wireworld is, but its purple and great.
Ozzy, if I'm wrong plain and simple, then the technicians and writers at CNet and other sources (see below) are also wrong. What most of these sources say is that cable length determines picture quality as does the HDMI sending/receiving circuitry in your components.

Simao, this is the same argument that I had on Forums years ago about power cords.
Please try one.
Problem is, I have. I've used $15 Best Buy HDMI; I've used Audioquest cables costing over $300 new. My receiver is a 4K-ready Onkyo with tremendous rep. I've never used more than a 6' HDMI cord from either the receiver or the laptop or the tv. And I really can't tell the difference.

Power cords, however, I can.
Simao, The RedMere cables are different.
If you haven't tried them then you can't compare them to others.
It is astounding to me to read that those writing say there is no difference in HDMI cable. The picture and audio on my 5.1 system with Wireworld is SO improved as to be a different system entirely.
So, if there's this huge discrepancy between the technical evaluations and customer testimony, what accounts for it?
Ozzy - I just ordered the 3ft Ultra Slim from Monoprice to try on my Oppo 103D - Samsung Plasma. I'm curious to see if it's better than the PS Audio I2S-12 solid silver HDMI cable. It gave better video than the WireWorld Silver Starlight 5-2.

Simao - why do you keep repeating yourself?

All others - having experienced it myself I know there's a big difference in video (and audio) quality among HDMI cables. If you have experienced this difference, why not ignore the trolls who haven't?
Glaucon, did you order the 18Gbps version?
Glaucon - wow, bringing out the troll label for someone who's simply a skeptic. Whatever. Keep plugging away at your little HDMI world.

Apparently, these guys are trolls, too:

Ozzy -

I ordered the 18Gbps version, 3ft Ultra Slim, and just hooked it up. Well, it's certainly eye-popping - really bright and saturated colours. Maybe a little too much fine detail - I may have to recalibrate the Darbee setting on my Oppo 103D. So far, very impressed. I do plan to do ABA just to be sure, after some burn-in.

Simoa - yes, cables need to burn-in. Please don't bother to respond if you haven't experienced this yourself. Obviously the rest of us are just blind inhabitants of the HDMI world, and we're happy for you to stay away.
I've had the 18gbps verion installed for about a week now on my Bluray player (put the second on the cable box today) and it does offer better detail,saturation and a contrast over the previous Monoprice (Redmere) active cable. I did lower the saturation by 1 and love the overall improvement. And these evaluations were confirmed by a Spears & Munsil test disc!i still plan on a testing a Wire World for audio as an Appolo Lighting v2 did have a great picture but the Audio wasn't as good as the Pangea in my setup!

Thanks for the good recommendation Ozzy!
Glauconite - it seems as if you see what you believe. Take a page from your namesake and look beyond the shadows. I'm not doubting your account of your perception, but based on my own HDMI experience and the many professional accounts out there, that there simply isn't enough difference in HDMI to warrant any expense. I mean, are you saying that all the articles and links I've supplied are erroneous?
Glaucon, Your welcome. Funny how a inexpensive cable can better the much higher priced cables.
I have a 4K LED. I actually removed the Darbee once the Redmere cables were added.

Simao, as I stated previously these Redmere cables have a little amp built into the cables.
All your other statements, claims, and articles do not take that into account.

So, yes all of your comparisons are wrong.
If you'd bothered to read the articles, some do mention the Redmere amps.
Simao, You must belong to the flat earth society.
The specific cable I am referring to is the Redmere 18gbps with the little amp inside.

NONE of your postings compares anything to THAT cable.
Spend $15 bucks and try it, then thank me.