Wireworld power cords

Just wanted to know if anyone has any comments, thoughts etc on Wireworld's power cables, especially the Aurora.
I tried the Auroras at the insistance of the OEM of my power amps (Reference Line). Made a nice difference over the generic 14 guage cords I was using, especially in the power and control at the bottom end. I got two more cords used on the net ($90 each and VERY rare used). I put one on the DAC (Muse 2+). Another nice difference. More open and detailed. About a week later, I got around to putting the other on the transport (Muse 5). WOW! Not subtle at all. I did several A/B/A comparisons to make sure. Much more open, detailed, dynamic and smoother. They are rather rare used, a bit stiff, need time to break in, but are very reasonable in price and made a big cummulative difference in my system.
Thanks for the advice. I've actually been using a 'loaner' Aurora from a dealer the last few days. I pretty much find the same results. I found the biggest improvement on my cd player, much smoother, deeper bass and a more defined soundstage. Can't believe that 6' of funky purple wire can do all that. I was just curious what others thought of these cables. I thought maybe I was hearing things yada, yada. Hell, let's just say I bought of them today! Thanks to those who replied and shared their comments. Regards Paul