Wireworld Platinum vs Acoustic Zen Absolute

Hi friends,
I want to know if you could compare this 2 silver IC cables: the Wireworld Platinum Eclipse IC vs. the Acoustic Zen Absolute.
I will apreciate your opinion.
Of course if you tried other silver IC, your opinion is wellcome.
It really depends on if you are talking series 7 from Wire
world or the the older versions.

The new Series 7 is mind blowing, world class cable, the
older series 6 was very good, but did not create the same
level of performance which is now world class.

Acoustic Zen is a nice cable, but in terms of technology as
well as sound quality, it is no where near what David Saltz
is doing in terms of design and technology.

The Wireworld concept of laying out conductors in a helix is
designed to minimize stray currents and minimize inductive
losses. Wireworld's dielectric is a proprietary composite
material with less dielectric absorption then Teflon. This
material is designed to eliminate a specific type of
transmission noise which happens when electrons flow through
a cable.

Lastly, in designing his cables Mr. Saltz compares his
designs to a direct connection of a component which is
nearly hard wired to another component, without any cable
just a six inch piece of connector, vs substituting a run of
the cable he is testing vs the no wire direct connection,
his methodology is always to minimize loss in the cable.

Acoustic Zen makes a nice product with excellent high
quality silver but he does not use any of the advanced
technologies that are in the Wireworld, hence the Zen is a
much more colored product.
Advanced technology doesn't always translate to better sound; I've owned cables with ground breaking technology and they were terrible...
I have had in my system WW Plat, Nordost TYR, and Nordost Valhalla, but for me the Acoustic Zen Halogram II SC & Matrix II is more to my liking.. Best advice is try it in your system first before purchase, because everyone's system and taste are different.. Hope that helps.
Both are good, depends what system you have and what type of music you listen to.