Wireworld Platinum Starlight 8 USB

I'm ready to order, but not sure is there any difference between lengths 0.3m and say 1m...?
Anybody reviewed WW PS8 yet? 
Should have mine tomorrow, looking forward to trying it out. I have not seen any reviews yet.
Just got mine, fresh out of the box good detail without being overly forward. Really good imaging. Need to put some hours on the cable. What I was surprised about was how much smaller the wire is. I'd say 1/2 the thickness of series 6 and 7 which I've owned. 
I have the 0.6M and 1.0M in my home and can't hear a difference. I agree, outstanding product, well worth the wait.
I've had mine since it was introduced and I've never felt the need to change. Mine runs from my Bryston renderer to an Uptone Audio ISO Regen and then to an Ayre QB9 Twenty. As for the length, balanced cables shouldn't be needed unless the length reaches about eight feet, so a 1.0 meter cable isn't going to matter.
Received my 0.6m about 2 weeks ago. Have had over 200 hrs and it’s an outstanding cable, well worth the 5 or so month waiting period. I demoed other usb cables (AQ, Curious, Nordost, Oyaide and a $10 generic usb) during that time and the only other cable that was as good in my system was the Nordost Heimdall 2, which had exceptional detail and pace. Maybe so good that I might try a head to head again.

Anybody else with an opinion on the Nordost vs the WW8.

Lyngdorf mp40
Aurender a10
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Fresh from the box everything is more clean compare to stock cable, but differences are not huge. Need to put some hours and compare again. 

Just received the second cable. I now have one going to my hard drive and another to my ADD-POWR I/O/ unit.

Awesome usb cable. I never really thought a usb cable could make much difference, but this one does!


This cable is good and detailed but no mention of its very neutral sound,

the AQ Diamond in some systems is better if you wan5 it a bit smoother .

the final touch audio Callisto is the best 7nder  $1200 imo

hav8ng natural high purity Copper but also natural Silver and Gold ,to give it very good detail as well as naturalness the metal is hammered  and it works for around $950 or less very good , the $2k Shunyata  the best , their Alpha is very good but a $300 juump in price which is a lot to $1500

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I realized that after a while. Funny that the 2.0 is part of the description when their other cables are not listed that way. Thanks though for the consideration.


To be totally honest ,I had the platinum 8 ,very good detail but very non involving 

spend a bit more money around $900 the Final Touch Audio Callisto is by far the most musically involving and natural cable under $1k 

and their flagship Sinope usb is  most more expensive $1600 is the finest usb cable I have listened to up to $3k , even more so if you are streaming man6 recordings are fair in quality at best . Final touch audio bring out the best in your system .

even music That I may not be favorites,just to hear the instruments and soundstage 

width and depth razor sharp  imaging these donot do like the platinum or AQ Diamond but in a live performance you don’t either balance is the key ,check out a few reviews , Lampizator North America is the distributor.