WireWorld Platinum Starlight 7 HDMI Cable

I have read many Forum discussions on the I2s interconnect between the PS Audio DAC and PS Audio Memory Player.  The consensus  seems to opt for the WireWorld Platinum Starliht 7 HDMI interconnect rather than the PS Audio !2s interconnect.  The consensus also seems to be that the shorter the interconnect the better.  Some have talked about utilizing a .30 Meter interconnect or something in the range of 1 foot between the units.  My question is, where can I get such a short interconnect?  The shortest interconnect WireWorld sells is 1.0 Meter.   I've searched Audiogon, Ebay, and he  internet, and have found nothing.  Does anyone have any ideas where I can get one?  Will the 1.0 Meter interconnect work as well as the shorter interconnect if the shorter interconnect is not available?
If you’re talking about their hdmi cable I bought one in 1/2 meter. 

The 1/2 meter is currently unavailable from WireWorld.  Thanks for you input.
I also have the half meter...if it is unavailable from Wireworld, I would think there are still some dealers who might have one...