Wireworld Gold Eclipse speaker cable

Hi, does any of you have experience with the Wireworld Gold Eclipse speaker cable? In my system the sound becomes a bit thin (as if a part of the harmonic richness is missing). The treble especially suffers from this thinning out. The most important virtue of the Gold Eclipse is it's detail resolving capability.
Btw, I'm using JMF power amplifiers and Soundlab A-1's.

Mr D- How long have the cables been in your system, with music flowing through them? My Eclipses took 200 hours before they stopped their nasty little changes. Now they are excellent in their transparency. Their strength and greatest virtue is their ability to get out of the way of the music.
All cables are system dependent. You can not say that a particular cable is good or bad without knowing into what system it is used. In my system, Cardas is the worst sounding cable in the world..in other systems they are wonderful. If your wireworld stuff doesn't suit your system, experiment with others. Listen until you are satisfied and happy.
Why don't you use JMF-Audio SR8 cables ?

Stephane (France)