Wireworld Eclipse Interconnects??

Has anyone had experience with Wireworld Eclipse Cables? Any ideas about how the Gold Eclipse compare to the Silver or regular Eclipse? Thanks.
Anyone have any experience at all with Wireworld?
Google Wireworld and you will find a couple of reviews for a barometer, one review compares WW against Kimber but I don't remember which model.
The Gold Eclipse 6 is a step up from the Silver. Only the Platinum(the king of pack) would be better than the Gold. Give them a listen.
A 4yo thread? Oh well- some FYI: I'm using the Gold Eclipse 6, in a bi-amped system, as my low freq(below 300Hz) ICs. I had Platinum Eclipses in the mains, for a short time(long enough for proper burn-in). I loved the detail, extention, glorious midrange and lowering of sibilance they provided, as compared to the Silver Audio Hyacinths that I had prior. My previously excellent(broad/deep/tall) sound staging had vanished though. I then auditioned a pair of Synergistic Research Apexes, from The Cable Company, and they never got them back. Exactly the same beautiful attributes as the Platinum Es, but my sound stage was back, in spades. Absolutely no other changes were made in the system, during this time.