Wireworld Eclipse, AQ Victoria (etc.), something else?

All -

Back into things, and investigating interconnects.  Currently have a mishmosh - a couple sets of Wireworld Eclipse (3?), a pair of Linn black, and an old pair of cheap Cardas. 

I've been generally happy with the Wireworlds, and used to work in a store that did Audioquest (back in the middle 1990s).  As a result, I'm not interested in new, as cables carried something like 75-80 points and I simply refuse to engage in that. 

Hence, looking at used.  Should I stay with Wireworld and just move to something like the Eclipse 7?  Or is it worth trying something like the AQ Victoria?  Would like to stay between $100-300 per pair; rest of system is Exposure 3010S2 CD and pre, Naim DAC, Exposure 28 power amp, and Monitor Audio Gold 300 speakers. 

Thanks in advance.