Wireworld Eclipse 8 compared to Analysis Plus Solo Crystal


I've read many post about the characteristics of these two cables on Audigon, but one question is still unclear.

Would those who have used both say the Solo Crystal is a more detailed sounding cable than the Eclipse 8 or 7? Does one offer better transient response?

I would be switching from a set of Goertz Silver Sapphires, which are reviewed as a very detailed sounding interconnect, though I have never compared them directly to other interconnects.

Thanks, Drew Harty

My experience with mi-range WW cables have been they trade upper-end detail and presence for imaging.

I know this sounds condtradictory, but I do feel you get to hear deeper into the soundstage with WW, but at the same time it is warmer if not dulling.  For bright speakers, this can be a godsend.
I will have to pay attention more when listening to my system. It's been my impression that detail and quick transient response contribute to a sense of soundstage depth and width.

I don't think your comment about the WW cable sounds contradictory. My Silver Sapphire sounds detailed but not bright. I've read several comments that the Solo Crystal cable sounds very detailed but warmer than the WW Eclipse cables.

But does the WW Eclipse sound "dull" because it is less detailed than the Solo Crystal?

WW sounded dull compared to Mogami Sound runner, which are basic studio cables.

I did some blind testing with non-audiophiles.  They definitely preferred the Mogami, and preferred the liveliness even though they heard the better soundstage. Me, the "true audiophile" in the room of course (laugh) I was entranced by the imaging.
The WW Eclipse 8 is not dull at all in several system I have tried 
the APlus solo Crystal is duller in comparison .
read several reviews on The order 7 That was more true the 8 is very balanced From my perspective.
I use Cardas clear reflection for interconnects ,
Try the Silversmith Fidelium if you want more detail , balance there is system dependent.
That is not true on Wire world s latest 8 series the older 7 series maybe, ,they use new 8 series ,t
on theEclipse 8 for example 50% more individual isolated strands of the finest OCC7-9s know as -0 crystal Copper made .
and their dielectric matrix  series 3 is actually better then Teflon ,giving lower eddy current per dielectric metal absorption ,in absolute terms.
and breakin time only around 100 hours it is Very  balanced 
starting at $1500 retail for a 2 meter .and I have tried several  cables even  more money ,stay away from stranded too many minute distortions, micro arching between strands .I am using the Cardas clear reflection for interconnects. Which has just a bit of warmth of old and the clear a excellent cable mix 
technology of the new clear. I didnot want to spend $2500 forthe Cardas 2 meter ,that’s where I was recommended to try the awW 8 series ,there is 4 from $$ platinum to the Eclipse ,read a few reviews on the WW latest 8 series much much better then the  older7 series , no sacrifices 
The Eclipse 8 great balance all the way around  is a awg9 cable ,but with latest dielectric  less then 1 inch around .blends well with most ,great balance top to bottom ,as well as soundstaging imaging and tuneful Bass none better under $2k that I have found .
Just installed Wireworld Eclipse 8 speaker cables in my system.  Wow!  Before, I had WW mini-Eclipse 7, which I was happy with, but the difference is not subtle.  More bass, more dynamics, the melodic line just seems clearer (in, for example, a complex orchestration), more alive, more "there", more present.

Fast forward 2yrs, back to the original question of this thread -

  • Has anyone here gone back and evaluated the AP/Crystals vs. the Wireworld Eclipse or Equinox 8 interconnects?

Background: As an owner and various demos of AP/Crystals, various Cardas, including Clear Reflections mentioned herein, Im considering demoing the newer WW Equinox 8s. Would be evaluating and comparing to AP/Crystals, specifically.

Both are OCC/Ohno, and very different designs. Goal: find the best tone, timbre and "midrange body" of the two. And, while hoping they both retain the clarity, transparency we all love. Its an interesting challenge to find in some of the OCC cables that I’ve evaluated so far. Which will be more rolled off is key too.

I may go back and revisit this with WW EQ 8s. I sent a note to them today. If anyone here has a guess as to what might result, feel free to chime in and predict any results you might have in mind - or, IF you’ve actually evaluated both, helps.  

I have both the WW Eclipse 6 and Eclipse 7 interconnects along with the AP Solo Crystal in my system, but not the Eclipse 8s, which I'm also curious about. I find the differences very subtle between the Eclipse 7s and the AP Solo Crystals. Both are transparent, though I'd give a slight edge to the Eclipse 7s. Bass response is very similar. I use both in conjunction with each other, but have used the Solo Crystals as an interconnect loom. Based on that, I'd say the Eclipse 7s are a bit better as far as soundstage depth is concerned. With the only difference between the Eclipse 6 and 7 being the Composilex original in the 6 and Composilex 2 in the 7, the 6 is definitely a slightly warmer, but less transparent cable. As the original post asks, I would love to hear any who have compared the larger gauge Eclipse 8s to the 7s.