Wireworld Eclipse 7

Has anyone had experince with the Wireworld Eclipes series 7 speaker cable? I am thinking of trying them out. I read a good review in the Absolute Sound but would like to hear from someone who has tried them out. Has anyone used them and have an opinion?
The best I can do is say that I use Wireworld Luna 16/4 speaker cables and Oasis 7 I/Cs as phono cables. Without going into great detail, I wouldn't hesitate to get the Wireworld. If finances allowed, I would move up the range. However, I'm not sure when the line of diminishing returns arrives with the copper line. Silver is certainly different and needs the appropriate system to take advantage.
I own the Eclipses at the moment and am fairly satisfied with them. Owned a few higher priced cables previously. Would describe them as very open and transparent. Seem to bring out much detail but never in a way that impares smoothness, which is very pleasing with this one. The lows are powerful and with good impact, perhaps a little less pronounced than some other brands (may sound contradictionary).
The extremes, in particular the highs are certainly not rolled of. Would not advice them for a system without a balanced sound. They also sound pretty fast.
Hopefully this helps.
Thanks for your input. Barto are you using the series 7s? You say you are fairly satisfied. Is that due to the bass issue?
Yes, I use the Eclipse 7. Although I minimized the bass problem by going from the Eclipse interconnects to the Silver Eclipses the issue is still there in some degree. Can make the sound a little incoherent at times. In a way that the highs overpower the rest in terms of energy and pronunciation.
Am now experimenting with speaker placement a lot, and bought some Wireworld power cables to see if I can find the right combination.
Am getting closer, would sure like to keep the strengths of these cables in a musically satisfying setup!