Can anyone give me an opinion of Wireworld Eclipse 7 or Eclipse 8 speaker cables?
I'm leaning toward buying some
I own and use Eclipse 7 speaker wire. I like them.
Definitely very colorful cables. They sacrifice midrange liveliness for warmth and imaging.

I did a half blind listening test, and everyone agreed to the characteristics, but we were split on which was better. :) 
I don't agree on "colorful"....   I think it's one of the best cables made today.   (Perhaps the "colorful" and midrange blandness was from the associated components.)   In My system the cables were great.
Cables are system dependent...in my system the Wireworld Silver Eclipse speaker cables were great, until I compared them to Clarus Crimson. Same for the Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 7 XLRs, until I inserted Audioquest Fire XLRs. The problem with cables and components in general is we think something is great until we compare it to something that we think is better.
The problem ... in general is we think something is great until we compare it to something that we think is better.

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Well, what is great if not colored in a way that meshes with your own system? :)

I compared the Wireworld to Mogami fine stranded copper wiring, and that’s what I found. If your system is already pretty laid back these are not the cables for you.

On the other hand, if your system has extra mid to treble energy, and lacks depth, these would be perfect. 


Take this as you wish, we are Wireworld dealers  and have found the Wirworld models to outperfom all the cables we have put them against which include the Nordost, the AQ products, Harmonic Tech, Acoustic Zen, Soundstring, and a few others. We are comparing liked price range to like price range so we were comparing Norse Models to Wirworld Platinium, and Gold and Silver Eclipse not the Odin or Valhala ranges.

The Wireworld cables are very well balanced, they did not sound as treble highlighted as the Nordost, and had better bass and greater focus then the AQ cables.

They just sound very neutral we have not found them to add or subtract anything. 

David Saltz the chief designer of Wire World uses a cable comparator to test between cables and no cables, the ideas of Wireworlds breakthroughs in cable design are in propreitary dieectrics and wire geometry based on isolation and elimmination of interactions between wire groups. 

In terms of technology, design and materials Wireworld has pushed the envelope in the last several series the wires just keep on improving.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Wireworld Dealers
I've found the opposite of what Audiotroy stated to be true. Why? Cables are system dependent and results will vary! 
BTW, I have spent around $800 on Wireworld cables! 

It is not that I don't like them, I just appreciate their sonic characteristics. 

I am not toing to lie and call Eclipse 7 speaker cables "neutral" if I dont think they are. Euphonic is better. :) 
+1ricred1.....without a doubt!
I think it's funny how dealers use words, " The Wireworld cables are very well balanced, they did not sound as treble highlighted as the Nordost." You can also conclude that Wireworld cables don't have the detail of some cables.
Very happy with my Equinox 7's--I needed quite long runs to the speakers, and they proved affordable (relatively speaking).
I have a McIntosh system and run Wireworld Eclipse 7 speaker cables and Silver Eclipse 8 interconnects.  I am very happy.  They prove to be a beautiful complement to my system.  I have compared my loom to my buddy's Nordost Frey 2's.  Very different cables.  I like both. I find the Nordost to sound more "holographic" with a very wide and deep soundstage and incredible detail.  The Wireworlds do sound more "neutral", for lack of a better word.  However, the Wireworlds provide the "punch you in the chest" bass I like.  I am very satisfied.  Speakers are KEF Reference.
Hi All,

I have used wireworld cables on my system and they are great cables that usually deliver value well above their price point.

One small example of this is their XLR interconnect, manny brand will charge you 500Eur on a XLR cable and then it comes with plugs that cost less than 5 Eur. Wireworld gives you a bespoke one that even has silver on it.

Independently of the brand you chose, metalurgically speaking copper sounds different than silver+copper and from silver.

Usually with copper only conductors you get a warmer sound, and with silver base ones you get a more opened and faster sound.

Although I have the Eclipse 8 on my system I think the Silver Eclipse 8 are better because they are copper and silver based conductor. But in the end, it really depends on what you want todo with your system.

Hope it helps


They trade mid-treble energy for better imaging.