Wirewold Eclipse 8 - Burn in

Hi All,

I just got 2 sets of WW Eclipse 8 with XLR plugs, one with 0.5m and the other with 1m. Does anyone know how much time it is required for burn in on this cables?

Many thanks in advance

No time is required to burn in anything. Everything sounds better after some time than when new. How much time? Nobody knows. How much better? Listen and hear for your self. 

Sorry, but that is the truth. If they are any good they will sound better right from the beginning, improve a great deal the first few hours, improve a little more the next tens of hours, until eventually stabilizing at some level or other.  

So if you like what you hear right away, great. It will only get better. More refined, more smooth natural detail, more dynamic and extended. Do this enough you will maybe come to understand it does not matter at all what it is, wire, amp, speakers, minor differences here and there but basically pretty much all the same.  

If you don't like what you hear, don't kid yourself, your pumpkin ain't gonna transform into a royal carriage.
HI millercarbon,

Thanks for the update :-D.

Anyone that uses this cables could let me know after how much time their cables start to settle in?


Yes but one of these is 1m the other .5m also these are XLR, therefore logically the only way to answer this specific question is to know the altitude and humidity of the room. Also it will be necessary to know the precise voltage run. A meter connected in series will do but it must read average not peak voltage! The trickiest part is to figure out how to read the meter, this absolutely must be done blind! If you see the meter this will bias your expectations and you may unconsciously tilt your head thus introducing a parallax angle that will completely ruin all accuracy and you will be forced to start all over again with new cables and blindfolds.  

Either that or you could play music and listen, and when one day it sounds like the day before then shazzam! Settled in!
Just play music and listen? Are you crazy, MC?  Just last week I was told I had to take some fancy course to "learn" how to listen to music.
@filipedine - Since nobody seems to be answering specifically about WW, I will just tell you my experience with cable break in.  For my Purist IC, Purist recommends 250 hours to reach full potential, although they did sound very good right out of the box.  My Gabriel Golds and Black Cat ICs were a different story.  To me, they sounded horrible and went through some big changes over a couple of months, but now sound excellent, even compared to the Purist.  I'm just giving my opinion and won't get drawn into the debate of whether it is psychological or not because it doesn't matter to me.  All I care about is what I hear and I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything.  That said, whenever I put a new anything in my system, I mark the calendar for 1 month and reserve judgement until then, because I do believe there is a psychological component involved whenever you change the sound of your system.  You seem to have had the cables for about a month now.  What do you think?-  If you still don't like them after playing them for a month, I think you should consider changing them. 
Hi Cayro,
Thanks for your input. The cables must have around 150 H to 200H now. They didn’t sound has good has I expected in the beginning, but they have been improving. Sound stage and 3D image have improved a lot and seems to settled now.
Many Thank