Wireless to Ethernet Adapter for DAC

I stream Tidal through a PS Audio Perfectwave DAC with the Bridge circuit. The Bridge input is an ethernet cable from a router, located in another room. Faced with the prospect of laying a permanent run of ethernet cable in a split-level house, I researched wireless-to-ethernet adapters (e.g. https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-Universal-Ethernet-Adapter-WNCE2001/dp/B003KPBRRW). Internet is piped to the house via optical fiber at 500 Mbps down/50 up, and the wireless reception in the DAC room is about 300 Mbps down/40 up. Does anyone have experience using the linked wireless-to-ethernet adapter or a similar device as input for a DAC? If yes, any difference in the sound integrity vs. using ethernet directly from the router?
@rwroberts With same issue in a rental where I can't add long ethernet cable after much research I settled on this one
Can't say if it's better than the Netgear, but it crushes regular wifi and considering aural memory is suspect, I don't hear much detriment vs. my old ethernet connection in my old place. Cheers,
Build a mesh network. Use one of the mesh routers, close to your PS Audio DAC for ethernet.
Here’s a cheap solution, and you’ll learn something building it:


The nice thing about the Pi is that it's dual band WiFi compatible.
Build a mesh network. Use one of the mesh routers, close to your PS Audio DAC for ethernet.

I can't say it's as good as a wired connection, but I've been perfectly happy using wireless access points and repeaters for streaming all over my house.  The WAPs are in my living room and my home office, the repeater is in my bedroom, which is on the far side of the house from my router.  In my living room, my AVP, TV, Roku, and BlueSound Node 2 are all connected to the WAP with a 4 port ethernet switch.  The BlueSound is running through my Auralic Vega and sounds fantastic to my ears.

I only have one wired device in my home (my PC).  These are what I use, but I'm sure there are better ones available now. 


I bought an inexpensive router that can use DD-WRT and made that into the repeater bridge that's in my bedroom.