Wireless subwoofer

Hello to all. We remodeled our house and I am starting to put back the stereo. My wife said , "Can you have a wireless subwoofer so you won't see any cables?" I have a REL sub. So it can be either. Are there any detractors to a wireless setup? Maybe a general question. Most music is in our bedroom setup. This is in the living room in a 5.1 system.  The REL replaces a big old Velodyne.

I think the wireless REL gizmo is cool, and wish REL would make one that retrofits older REL models…how hard could that be? I have 2 RELs of the same era and would love to run them wireless. REL…are you listening? 
I could be wrong, but doesn't JL audio make a wireless adapter for subwoofers? If so, that could be an option.