Wireless speakers for a second room?

i have a two channel (proacs, prima luna power amp and a naim pre\dac). the preamp has a headphone jack and i am wondering if there is a way to set up a speakers in a second room (too inconvenient to wire) by either running some sort of device out of the hadphone jack output, either to a powered speaker or to a non powered (usign the current pre to control volume).  i have seen wireless bluetooth, which i dont think will work, but dont know what other technologies might work. i have two rooms i am thinking of - the dining room which would not need high end speakers ( i have a pair of nht super zeros that would be fine)  but also considering for my home office, where some decent speakers would be nice.

can someone teach me about this, and let me know if i have a viable option?
WiFi works - I use iTunes on a mini with an Apple TV 3 (4 does not have the same outputs) into a DAC

this also provides galvanic isolation
Not really what I meant.  I would like to put a CD on in my high end room and, by attaching some device to the headphone out, or similar, be able to have music in a second room without having to run wires through my walls, buy an apple TV or hook up a PC. 
dunno of any devices like that but they could easily exist

can we convince you to rip your CDs to a computer or tablet or ... something?

I think what you want is a Bluesound Node, but you would be playing cd's from a digital library, not your CD player.
I own the Node 1 and output to my DAC. I have to say I am very happy with the wireless connectivity (though I made a work around for 5g network rather than the 2.5g built in). They also have other models which can store your music, too.
Bluesound or Sonos will work.  The former is a bit pricier, but features (purportedly) better SQ.
On Sonos you can take an analog out from your preamp and run it into a Sonos zone, as you desire.   You'd need a second zone for wireless transmission of that signal.   Not 100% sure about Bluesound.
I've never done this but have thought about it. 

Parts Express has a simple and not too expensive possible solution.


If I were you I'd just accept that in order to get really good, portable sound you need to get a portable player.  I bought a Fiio x7 and it sounds great, is easy to use.  It's kind of a hassle ripping CDs but worth it in my opinion.  I hook it up to an old creek 5350SE connected to Vienna Mozart Grands in my camper and it's a great, very satisfying little system.  I'd like to get some powered speakers to make for a very small/portable but still good system. 

using the headphone output is not a good idea, you have to power on your power-amp to transmit signal to other rooms and it use up the tube life!
Dynaudio offer some wireless speakers, you can connect the digtal or line output from your cd player to the transmitter, you don't even have to turn on your preamp and poweramp to play music in other rooms.

Or, use a wireless AV transmitter/receivers, and connect to any integrated Amp or power/active speakers in other rooms.
The Audioengine W3 Wireless Audio Adapter might just fit the bill for you if used with active/powered speakers @meiatflask. I purchased version 1 of this gizmo years ago and it worked quite well.


thanks for all the ideas! i have been looking at the links and googling, and most look feasable.  now it is just time to pick a price point and dive in.  i will probably start with a low price point item for background listening, then, depending on how much we really use it in the second room, upgrade to somthing more expensive in the future

btw- imhififan, my dac/pre is a naim v1, which has a headphone out, so i can use that without running the tube amp. i can set the headphone out as either fixed volume or variable volume. nice feature.
The Bluesound DAC is substantially better than Sonus, but still not as good as a stand alone DAC.
You will need an additional Bluesound Node for each room you want to stream to.