Wireless Speakers? Do they make such thing?

My buddy lives in San Diego and was aksing me if there is any wireless/bluetooth surround sound speakers? He is currently renting and have a small living room for his system. He is limited on space and really doesn't want to run wires under the carpets since he doesn't know how long he will be staying at this apartment. I don't know of any wireless speakers and I don't know how well they would perform as well. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Yes and no,

I have only seen one system that was truly wireless, and it was for an iPod, you had to dock the speakers to recharge them, most 'wireless' speakers simply don't have speaker wires, they still need power.

Kef makes entire systems like this.

Second, you should never run speaker wires under carpet!!!
If one likes the sound of Canton (in the past I found Canton speakers not engaging enough but I'm being told that has changed; first grade build quality, that much is sure), the new Canton CD3500 might be the thing for a room that requires a not too obstrusive design. As pointed out hereabove, you do need power cords.
There are a number of them.
Also wireless subs.
Mostly mid-fi but not bad.
There arre many wireless battery-powered speakers for casual listening. They sound quite good when you are
relaxing outdoors, but are not "audiophile" quality. (Or price). It has occured to me that the signal transmission feature, not the battery power, might make sense for a subwoofer.
I believe B&W has something like that coming this year called the "Liberty" I think... Here we go:

there was a wireless system at the venetian, this past january.
I believe those were Thiel monitors. Self powered , however power access is still a question of practicality. Sound was OK for wireless speakers. Good choice if you must take that road. But I am sure that there will be more of this or other technologies implemented to high end speaker makers just around the horizon.