Wireless speakers causing negative growth on Surround sound systems?

Hey guys,

Recently seen an article regarding consumer trends in the audio world. What I've read is that consumers are buying wireless systems rather than surround sound systems. This got me interested as being an owner of both systems (kind of with audio cast keys), it does seem that as people who aren't as interested in sound as me in my house are drawn more towards the wireless systems than they are the surround sound. What do you guys think? Do you think soundbars and wireless systems will slowly muscle surround sound systems out the way in the daily household?
wireless surround sound systems seem to be the way to go for many

I have trouble just getting 2 channels right, so...
I don't think the two are related.

HT has it's own issues. The driver for more channels and more formats in a world dominated by an apartment dwelling budget minded audience doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
Wireless systems are basically the old Console or tabletop all in one systems ( think sound design, jcpenny, etc) that were in most people's homes back in the day. Audiophiles will always reach for something better, just like back then. Convenient Wireless technology is crossing into high end, just like the convenient technology of cassette tapes did back then. I would go wireless surround if an excellent, functioning system were offered at a decent price. The ones I have read about get lots of complaints about being choppy, cutting out, etc..