wireless S/PDIF from PC to DAC?


I want to use my PC to feed a DAC, but don't want a wire. Does anyone know if there is a box I can connect to my PC that is capable of sending a broad range of S/PDIF data formats wirelessly to a receiver box connected to my DAC? I'd like it to run up to 24-bit @ 192KHz.

I have an Apple Airport Express that can deliver 16-bit @ 44.1KHz to the DAC. And I think the Squeezebox can deliver up to 24-bit @ 48KHz. But I'd like to be able to send higher data rates wirelessly. Any suggestions?
Assuming you have a upsampling DAC, all you need to do is get a WiFi (wireless) SLIM DEVICE Squeezebox. Locate the Squeezebox next to your DAC and use the SPDIF out to feed the DAC.

There is no particular benefit to doing the upsampling earlier in the process.
If you go the Squeezebox route, you might also try using the analog RCA outputs. I just bought one of these gizmos, and am very impressed with it -- I believe its internal DAC is competitive with the good standalone DACs out there.