Wireless Router Music/Media ETC???

This question is for those computer gurus, Looking for a good wireless router that will handle just about anything and it has the capability for future expansion? :scratch:

All advise will be greatly appreciated! Thanks
First let me start by saying that we (Primeone media) are dealers for Sonos. I suggest that you look at the Sonos system They are easy to set up and I use one at home. Very expandable,They will stream audio from Sirus etc. and can set up a library and play with stored music on your PC. Also there are a couple of people modding them. They do a very good job.
I had started looked into this and went to listen to the Sonos. It was a very user friendly stuff. But I recently visited a guy who has high-end audio and computer background. He had built his own music/entertainment server based on Microsoft's Media Center feeding the msuic signal to a Benchmark DAC 1 into his main system and using the 52" LCD TV as display when browsing through his collection. He even showed me some movie clips he had downloaded. I was really impressed at the overall setup and the sound/movie quality.

He had burned in all the music via Media Center. It could do the error correction like EAC ripping lossless and also download album art and other data. He also recommended that I don't go with the wireless option, but wire my house (as part of my remodel) with Cat 5 or the up-coming Cat 6 wires instead.