Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Three years ago, when my parents were renovating, I told them to run some speaker wire to their deck, for out door speakers, before the walls were sealed up.

They did not take my advice. They now want outdoor music and don't want to try and fish wires throug the walls, etc.

I am "old school" and they are "very old school."

Essentially, they want to run a set of outdoor speakers from their stereo receiver, wirelessly.

Ipods, streaming DAC's, docking stations, and any other modern digital gizmos are not options. They want a pair of outdoor speakers, with no wire.

Is anyone familiar with mfr's that are making such an animal? Please steer me to them.

I'd love to hear about your experiences with wireless speakers.

there's lots of wireless outdoor speakers around--acoustic research, bose, etc. many are designed to look like rocks, lanterns, etc. look at outdoorspeaker.com or outdoorspeakerdepot.com for your options; i've also seen 'em at lowes.
Because of existing coach lights, etc, Acoustic Research's speakers will only clash, visually.

Though those (and the rocks, etc.) are great ideas, for this application, I just need the speakers to look like speakers.

I am unable to find any from Bose. If you know of a particular model, please steer me that way, with a web link.

Thanks so much.