Wireless or in-wall speakers - on a small budget

Anyone have any recommendations on a thread or site that deals with wireless speakers or in-wall/in-ceiling speakers. Looking for something on a small budget - $300 per room.
Thank you,
In-Wall or In-Ceiling speakers can range anywhere from $30 to $3,000 per pair and sound quality will vary accordingly. Companies that specialize in custom installations like Sonance, Niles, and Audiosource would be a good place to start. I have heard some very nice installations using Sonance. You should also be able to find products from more mainstream vendors such as Polk Audio, Boston Acoustics, or Cambridge Soundworks in this price range. Another option might be Gallo micros. These are very nice when paired with a sub. There is a pretty good selection on eBay if you feel up to a little adventure.

Good luck.

I have experience with two models of wireless speakers--an older Recotron model and a more recent Advent 900mHz model. The sound was adequate, perhaps at the level of a good boom box. However, both systems had alot of trouble with RF interference. The older system would make random squeaks and whistles and the 900 mHz system would go beserk whenever someone used the 900 mHz wireless phone. These problems may have been a function of my situation, but they were only about 30 feet from the transmitter. If you decide to go wireless be sure you get an option to return them.